Women's Two-Way Shoe Stretcher (Single)

Shoo painful shoes! 

There is nothing more frustrating than a new pair of shoes that just don't quite fit. The result. Sore feet. Blisters. Distraction. 

Let our Premium 2-Way Shoe Stretcher alleviate your discomfort and have those shoes fitting like a glove. 

What you can expect

  • No more pressure points, pinches or blisters
  • Spot stretching and relief for those with corn or bunions
  • Widen that pair of shoes that are just a tad too narrow
  • Or lengthen them
  • Reduce shoe break-in period from days/weeks to hours
  • Shoes that fit like a glove and no longer distract you

What you will get

  • A two-way shoe stretcher that can be used on either the left or right shoe.
  • Polished European Beech Wood with 12 drill holes around the Toe Block
  • 3 x Bunion plugs for spot stretching
  • A stretching mechanism that is reinforced with a steel-threaded rod. 
  • A two-year guarantee that the stretcher won't fall apart on you. Because you probably already know how many shonky stretchers there are on the market.

Size and fit

Our Premium Two-Way Shoe Stretchers are available in European sizes:

  • Size 34 to 36 EU
  • Size 37 to 39 EU
  • Size 40 to 42 EU

Don't worry, if you don't know your European sizes check out the conversion chart located in the images.

Select the stretcher size that corresponds to your shoe size. If you're a half size shoe e.g. 39.5 EU, we recommend selecting the next full size down. e.g. 39 EU shoe stretcher.

Using your Two-Way Stretcher

Download the instruction

James has put together a short video on using your stretcher. Here he's stretching out a new pair of Crockett and Jones that are a tad too tight around the toe.


The last thing we want is for you to damage your shoes. So please avoid overstretching them. Overstretching may also damage the threaded rod (but don't worry, we have you covered here with our 2-year Guarantee).

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