Women's Shoe Stretcher For High Heels 3" - 6"

Size Guide
Relieve your feet and have your high heels fitting as they should with Trimly's premium high heel stretcher.
    1. Polished European beechwood
    2. Durable thread mechanism that stretches width
    3. 3 spot-stretching plugs to alleviate corns, bunions, and sore spots
    4. No questions asked 2-year guarantee.
    1. Insert bunion plugs into corresponding holes on the toe block, if required.
    2. Insert the stretcher into the toe box of your high heel, making sure that it is inserted as far as it can go.
    3. Widen the fore part of your shoe by turning the widening handle clockwise. When it gets snug, give it 2-3 more turns
    4. Once you have achieved the desired stretch, allow the high heel stretcher to do its thing for about 6-8 hours.
    5. Remove the stretcher by turning the widening handle counter-clockwise and slowly pull out the stretcher. Repeat if necessary.
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