Premium High Heel Stretcher 3" - 6"

Trimly's High Heel Stretcher will transform your high heels into comfortable fitting shoes. 

Don't spend weeks trying to break-in those new heels. We understand that tight heels are uncomfortable and distracting. Our Premium High Heel Stretch is perfectly shaped for heels over 3 inches and will stretch the width of your heels into shape. Three bunion plugs are included for extra pressure point relief.

Looking great doesn't have to be a painful experience with this essential wardrobe tool. 


  • 3x bunion plugs to relieve pain caused by corns or bunions.
  • One of the best-made stretchers on the market, made from polished European beech wood and a sturdy stainless steel rod and spring mechanism. 
  • Backed by a two-year warranty against mechanical failure or manufacturer's defect. 
  • Sold singularly. This stretcher can be used on right and left shoes. 


Step 1: Insert bunion plugs into corresponding holes on the toe block, if required. 

Step 2: Insert the stretcher into the toe box of your high heel, making sure that it is inserted as far as it can go. 

Step 3: Widen the fore part of your shoe by turning the widening handle clockwise. When it gets snug, give it 2-3 more turns [note, tightening the widening handle too much will cause the mechanism to break]. 

Step 4: Once you have achieved the desired stretch, allow the high heel stretcher to do its thing for about 6-8 hours. 

Step 5: Remove the stretcher by turning the widening handle counter-clockwise and slowly pull out the stretcher. 

If the shoes are still tight, repeat the process. Note that some artificial materials do not stretch well or reform back to their natural shape. 

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