Premium Sneaker Trees

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Open your world to next-level sneaker care with the sleek Premium Sneaker Tree by Trimly. This split-toe design expands into your shoes, kicking creases in the teeth and reforming your shoes back to their natural shape. The American cedarwood absorbs damaging moisture caused by sweat and extends the life of your favourite footgear when back on the rack.

    1. Adjustable split-toe design for any sneaker type
    2. Aromatic American (heartwood) cedar
    3. Full Overhang Grip for easy insertion/removal
    1. Gently stretches your sneakers flat, preventing toe lift, keeping the vamp taut, and preventing the onset of creasing after wear.
    2. The cedar wicks away damaging moisture caused by sweat, preventing the shoe from disintegrating from the inside out.
    3. Extends the life of your cherished kicks and keeps them looking new for longer.
    4. Lifetime guarantee.
    1. Free domestic shipping over $100
    2. $10 standard shipping

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