Premium Boot Stretcher

Size Guide

Don't tolerate uncomfortable boots, blisters or long break-in periods. Our Premium Boot Stretcher is designed to have those boots fitting like a glove in no time. 

    1. Polished European beechwood
    2. Stainless steel metal rod with study spreader mechanism
    3. 3 spot-stretching plugs to alleviate corns, bunions, and sore spots
    4. Single boot stretcher that can stretch left or right boot
  • Step 1: Turn the widening handle counter-clockwise to ensure the toe block is completely closed.

    Step 2: Insert bunion plugs in the designated holes if required.

    Step 3: Insert toe block of the stretcher as far as you can into the toe box of the boot.

    Step 4: Turn the widening handle clockwise to widen the toe block. Once taut, give the wheel three more (short) turns.

    Step 5: Leave the stretcher in the boot for 6-8 hours.

    Step 6: Turn the widening handle counter-clockwise to remove the stretcher from the boot. Repeat if necessary.

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