Trimly Premium Boot Trees (New) Bundle

Protect your boot collection against premature aging and damage caused by moisture (sweat) with our 5 or 10 pair Premium Boot Trees Bundle. Featuring hand-finished American red cedar that wicks away damaging moisture caused by sweat and leaves a nice aromatic scent.

    1. Extend the life of your boots
    2. Keep your boots looking new for longer by reforming them back to their original shape and slowing down the onset of creases
    3. Protect the internal lining and leather by wicking away damaging moisture (sweat)
    4. Reduce odour as the cedar oil acts as good ballast against foot odour
    1. A Semi-lasted forepart for exceptional fit across popular boot models
    2. An innovative heel system that makes them easy to use on even the most tricky of boot shapes
    3. Especially designed for RM Williams boots and popular lace-up boot models
    4. Lifetime warranty against mechanical failure
    5. NOT suitable for heeled or pointed nose boots
    1. Majority heartwood from traceable North American Eastern Cedar Wood.
    2. Sturdy anodised copper metal wear
    1. Easy shipping, easy returns
    2. Australia Free shipping over $100. All else $10 flatrate
    3. US / Canada customers click here
    4. UK customers - coming soon.

Ultimate Boot Care

The New Premium Boot Trees by Trimly

Characteristics of natural cedar

Sometimes cedar oil will leech to the surface, where it will crystallise. It appears as a white resin, which is harmless and can be brushed away.

Likewise, if the leeched cedar oil makes contact with our packaging, it may appear as a light oil stain on the inside of our cardboard packaging.

Knots are small marks that were once the base of a tree branch. In furniture, knots are often exploited for visual effect.

Fine cracks are sometimes visible and are characteristic of natural wood. They are not a defect and your boot trees come with a lifetime guarantee.

Small corrections are sometimes made to fill open knots or prevent cracks from becoming a problem

Each piece of wood is unique, with its own wood grain and colour. The majority of our cedar is heartwood, containing high concentrations of cedar oil.

Cedar Shoe Trees