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  • Boot Black Two Face Lotion Plus

    Boot Black Two Face Plus Lotion is all you need to regularly clean and nourish your high-end shoes. 

    The argan oil will rehydrate the leather and keep it soft and supple. The mineral solvent will, at the same time, remove old polish residue and other foreign matter from the shoes. It is the perfect primer for Boot Black's (Black Line) Shoe Cream and/or Wax Polish. 

    100ml / Made in Japan


    About Black Label

    Boot Black's Black Label series offers some of the finest creams, lotions, cleaners and waxes on the market. Crafted in partnership with some of the finest shoe shine artisans in the World, the Black Label series is for men and women who want to move their shoe care game to the next level. 



    How to use

    1. Give your Two Face Lotion Plus a shake. You will note it goes from a clear liquid to milky in colour. Your lotion is ready to be used. 

    2. Apply a small amount to your Cotton Application Cloth - about 10 cents in diameter.

    3. Apply the lotion gently yet evenly across the leather upper. One application should cover approximately 1/3 of the shoe.

    4. Wait a couple of minutes. Disperse any remaining lotion via your Horsehair Brush.