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    Introducing Sneaker Care Gum – your go-to solution for maintaining the pristine condition of your sneakers with ease and precision. Crafted with Japanese expertise, this eraser-type cleaner is designed to remove stains from both the upper and sole of your shoes, ensuring a spotless and refreshed look.

      1. Made in Japan; 55 g
      2. Can be used on all leather goods, including brushed leather goods
      3. The grey gum block contains sand powder for oil stains (use gently to avoid damaging the surface)
      1. Dual-Eraser Precision: Gently wipe away dirt with the white eraser and tackle oil stains using the gray eraser, equipped with sand for effective removal (exercise caution to prevent leather damage).
      2. Multi-Purpose Application: Trim the eraser with scissors to prevent dirt reattachment and use it on all leather goods, including shoes, bags, wallets, and belts, offering comprehensive care for your valued possessions.
      3. Confident Step Out: Elevate your sneaker care routine with Sneaker Care Gum, ensuring your sneakers are impeccably clean and cared for, reflecting your commitment to style and quality..
      1. Use the white eraser to gently rub off dirt and marks
      2. Use the grey reaser to remove oily stains
      3. *The grey part contains sand (powder file) which may damage the leather if rubbed too hard.