Gentleman's Shoe Tree Package

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The Gentleman's Shoe Tree Package is the perfect gift for him. His cherished shoes and boots will be cared for and displayed as the shoemaker intended.

Package Features

  • Two pairs of our premium (single-sized) American Red Cedar Shoe Trees that come in individual shoe sizes (don't worry, if they don't fit, we'll swap them over)
  • One pair of our popular (double-sized) Chelsea (Cedar) Shoe Trees for his favourite pair of RMs or other ankle boots 
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Benefits Of This Package

  • Maintain the shape of his shoes. The shoe and boot trees and designed to allow the leather to reform to its natural shape. The spring toe fills out the shoe and prevents the onset of creases
  • Prevent the shoe's lining from rotting and leather from cracking. Our feet sweat up to half a pint of sweat per day. The American red cedar wood will wick away damaging moisture and will deodorise the shoes.
  • Save Money. By using our shoe trees, his shoes will stay new and last longer. Best of all, he won't have to replace them as often. 

Finding His Shoe Tree Size

Finding his shoe tree size is easy. All you need to do is identify his shoe size and select the corresponding size from the drop-down menu above. 

  • Our Shoe and Boot Trees are in European sizes. We have converted them into UK and US sizes, which you will find in the drop-down menus above.
  • All of our trees are sized to a standard Bannock D fit (standard men's width). The width is easily narrowed or widened (see image section) 
  • If you are a half European size, select the next whole size down
  • Before selecting a shoe tree size, check yours, or your gent's, shoe size first. Also, identify and what sizing system the shoe uses i.e. the UK, US or European (or if all just select one). 
  • The shoe trees can be compressed two shoe sizes down e.g. a size 44 shoe tree will contract to approximately a size 42 shoe.

*Boot Trees are in double-sizes. For instance, if you are a single size 45 shoe tree, you will automatically be given a size 45-46 Boot Tree.

**Sizes can be changed upon request. Please email us your size requirements. We do not offer changes for other styles, e.g. 2x Boot Trees and 1x Shoe Tree.

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