Exciting Announcement From Trimly Founder James Seaford

March 13, 2019 2 min read 3 Comments

An Announcement From Trimly Founder, James Seaford

Dear Customers, Supporters, Friends (and just the curious),

Tomorrow is a big day for us at Trimly. We have a big announcement that we're excited to share with you: 

Tomorrow we will launch The Thomas George Collection, which is a limited range of Goodyear Welted shoes and Stitchdown (Veldtschoen) service boots made to the highest standards at prices half what you would expect to pay. All shoes and boots will be made by our partner, Fugashin Shoemakers. 

This partnership will help us accelerate and expand upon a vision to which I've been committed since the beginning. Three years ago it was about finding a manufacturer that would make a few decent shoe trees for myself and a couple of mates. Today, it's about sourcing the best quality products we can find and selling them directly to our customers without costly marketing fluff or superfluous middlemen.

There are of course personal reasons for starting the Thomas George Collection. As a shoe enthusiast, and a dad, I was looking for shoes that weren't simply glued together, but at the same time, I couldn't really justify the $700+ for a pair of welted leather shoes. I'd also been burnt before by buying overseas. It just seemed there was something missing from the Australian market that I wanted for myself. 

By partnering with Fugashin Shoemakers, whose shoes are sold around the world, but predominately in Japan (whose quality control expectations are next level), all of our shoes and boots are made using the Gold standard in shoemaking, the Goodyear Welted and Stitchdown (Veldtschoen) construction methods. All leather is sourced from leading European tanneries and the sum result is shoes and boots that are more durable, become more comfortable and just look better than anything currently available in Australia at our price point. 

Of course, making shoes and boots this way is not a trivial expense. However, by going directly to you and undertaking some hardcore research on what you want to pay and where we should position pricing, we've gone with a price structure that is unparalleled for the quality you will find with us... anywhere. 

So while today's announcement is a glass-raising milestone for us, it's what it will enable us to do in the long term that is most exciting. Of course, anything awesome starts with at least one believer, so thank you to our customers, our partners, our advisors, our investors and our friends and family for your continued belief and support in us.

"Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you."--Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

The Thomas George Collection will be launching 15.03.2019. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook. 



James Seaford
James Seaford

3 Responses

Juan H.
Juan H.

April 22, 2019

Love your new site. About time too. I really hope your new venture works. Fugashin are an impressive shoemaker. Wouldn’t it be great if you could partner with other Shoemakers. Good luck!

John tully
John tully

March 17, 2019

Hi James, Exciting times for you. I admire people with vision and the attitude
to make it happen. Without the passion, what is the point, I wish you all the best with
the next stage.


John Nottle
John Nottle

March 17, 2019

An excellent idea whose time has arrived.

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