November 02, 2018 1 min read

So I've gone and started a Facebook group... and we need your shoes. 

Welted Shoes Australia - Buy Swap SellThere were about 100 members in the first 48 hours

Welted Shoes Australia  is a Facebook group that allows you to buy, swap or sell your quality leather shoes from a list of reputable shoemakers. 

There are several reasons why I decided to start this group:

  • Australians are increasingly purchasing shoes from overseas and unfortunately, refunds and returns become tricky when things don't go right. This group will allow these customers to, hopefully, find a home for their unwanted purchases. 
  • The usual seller platforms underwhelm. eBay is expensive and dominated by professional resellers ($$$) and passed in auctions. Gumtree's (owned by eBay) listings are so broad that it makes it very difficult to get items in front of the right audience. 
  • Specialised forums with trading pages are good but often they cater for an international audience and one's post is often lost in the traffic dominated by larger countries, such as the U.S. 

Welted Shoes AustraliaNew members are beginning to post their quality leathers

This Facebook group will allow members to put their shoes in front of an audience who understand that quality is the best bargain where shoes are concerned. Best of all it's free and my hope is that it becomes an active page with lively discussion and useful information for members. 

So be sure to check it out. Your old, unwanted or otherwise ill-fitting shoes are needed! Put them in front of the right audience and replenish your wallet. 

This group is not in anyway associated with Trimly nor is any commercial enterprise permitted in this group