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  • January 13, 2022 2 min read

    Valentine's Gift Idea for Shoe Lovers

    As Valentine’s Day draws near, we scour the internet to find the perfect gift for that special person in our lives. Sometimes it's not easy. We want to be thoughtful, but everything is so... similar. Rest easy, we're here to help you avoid Groundhog Day gifting. In this post, we present 5 popular gift ideas that anyone with shoes will love.

    1. For the Valentine who loves his or her RMW boots

    Walk down any busy street and just look down: R.M. Williams boots billow in all directions, like ripples in water, drawing the eye in too many directions all at once. This is why the Premium Boot Trees are such a hit as a gifting option. The near-perfect mould will reform the boots back to their natural shape. The spring mechanism will slow down the onset of creasing. The European cedar will wick away damaging moisture caused by sweat. The result are boots that look better and last longer.

    2. For the Valentine who only buys the best

    The Luxury Shoe Care Gift Box is the perfect accompaniment to a fine pair of shoes. Boot Black Japan's artisan cream and wax polishes will rejuvenate tired old leather. Benchmade horsehair brushes from Germany will provide that glorious polished finish. The Luxury Shoe Care Gift Box also comes with a personalised note option.

    3. For the sneaker-obsessed Valentine

    If your partner has more sneakers than a Footlocker store on Boxing Day, then stop here. The Trimly Sneaker Trees are the perfect Valentine's gift. Moisture is one of the leading causes of sneakers falling apart. Using our sneaker trees will remove the damaging moisture and your partner will not need to replace them so often.

    4. For the Valentine who buys shoes online

    Shoe stretchers are a welcomed gift for people who buy their footwear online. Your partner will love any one of our premium stretchers for a simple reason: new shoes can finally be worn. Sturdy beech wood and metal mechanism ensures longevity and reliability.

    5. For the Valentine with lots of shoes

    Shoe trees are the best kept secret in shoe care. People think that more shoes means you'll never look shabby. The problem is that if they don't use shoe trees, shoes deform and age quickly. Thrill your partner with any one of our premium shoe tree bundles

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