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  • July 18, 2021 3 min read

    Whether you wear men's boots or women's boots, a good pair of leather boots goes with almost any outfit.  With the rise in popularity of boot brands like R.M. Williams, men and women are once again investing in their feet. However, with the cost of boots these days, they aren't something you want to neglect. Here are the top five reasons why you need boot trees

    1) Prevent Wrinkles

    As we break in a pair of boots, they will inevitably start to get some wrinkled. By using boot trees, you will reduce the severity or even prevent their onset all together. Our new boot trees, by design, will support the heel contour, ankle, and higher vamp of boots. The spring system will gently push the sole flat, while the high vamp will keep the vamp of the shoe (around your instep) taught and wrinkle-free.  

    Trimly Boot Trees

    2) Reduce Moisture Damage

    Moisture can cause problems for leather boots. Moisture caused by sweat contains acid, salts, and bacteria which, if not removed, can rot the internal lining of our boots, cause leather to crack, and leave a bad smell. By using a porous product such as Cedar, which absorbs moisture quicker than leaving them to air at room temperature, boot trees are an effective way of maintaining the integrity of your boots and also extending their life. 

    3) Made For Boots

    Traditional shoe trees are a great way to protect your shoes, but they do not provide support to the ankle area and the vamp, which is traditionally higher in boots. We have recently re-designed our boot trees, taking 5 popular boot models and moulding the forepart of the tree to fit into those boots with good precision. We then tested them on a broader range of boots to ensure broad usability. The back heel part has also been specially designed to improve the function of inserting and removing the trees, especially on tricky shaped boots, such as the Chelsea boot. The result is a boot tree that fits better and functions better than ever before.

    Boot Trees

    4) Lifetime Use

    Accidents happen, styles change or you may be ready for something new. Whatever the reason, there might be a time when you are ready to freshen up your fashion. The new boot trees fit a range of sizes and is adaptable to many styles of ankle high boots. The design and build quality is such that they will hold up against time and be with you for some time to come.

    5) Boots That Keep Their Shape

    We've all been there. We buy a new pair of shoes or boots and over time they start to look a little tired, or bent out of shape. This is because our boots have had to deal with the pressure and strain from even the simple act of walking about. Without boot trees, there is nothing the boots can do to reform itself back in shape. Using boot trees allows the boot to adjust back to its natural shape. It's the equivalent of wearing your boots when you're not wearing them, so it keeps them in shape, according to your feet.

     Not Just Any Shoe Tree

    Our new Premium Boot Tees are for those who have invested in their feet and care about the look and longevity of their boots. Trimly is one of the few companies that has invested in designing boot trees and improving their functionality across popular shoe and boot styles. But don't take our word for it. You can check out the reviews for yourself.