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Chelsea Boot Trees by Trimly

A good pair of leather shoes goes with almost any outfit. Of course, we tend to associate them with suits and the professional look. But these days, leather shoes in all their varieties have left the boardroom and have hit the streets; and nothing adds a dash of panache better than a pair of the versatile Chelsea boots. A good pair of boots, however, from top brands like R.M. Williams will cost you upwards of $450. So why would you not protect your investment with proper shoe care? Here are the top five reasons why you need a Chelsea boot tree.

1) Prevent Wrinkles

As we break in a pair of boots, they will inevitably start to get some wrinkled. By using boot trees, you will reduce their severity or even prevent them all together. The Chelsea boot tree, by design, will support the heel contour and ankle area of the boot. The centre spring will gently push the sole flat, while the toe spring will keep the vamp area (around your instep) taught and wrinkle-free. 

2) Reduce Moisture Damage

Moisture is one of the biggest threats to leather. With shoes, it can happen in two ways—from the inside and out. Outside damage is preventable if you are lucky to not encounter any rain or large puddles, but inside can happen no matter the weather. Our shoe trees are made with American red cedar, which is particularly effective in preventing moisture caused by sweat from eroding the lining of the boots.

3) Specifically Designed for Boots

Traditional shoe trees are a great way to protect your shoes, but they do not provide support to the ankle area of your boots. This would be like wearing a raincoat, but not having a hood. Chelsea boot trees have a high wooden heel. This not only helps to keep the shoe dry, but maintains the shape of the ankle and heel portion of the boot, keeping it sturdier for longer.

4) Lifetime Use

Accidents happen, styles change or you may be ready for something new. Whatever the reason, there might be a time when you are ready to freshen up your fashion. The Chelsea boot tree fits a range of sizes and is adaptable to many styles of ankle boots and shoes as well. They have a high quality design that will hold up against time better than any other on the market.

5) Shorter Break-in Period While Keeping the Shoes Looking New

From the most cushioned trainers to the highest heels, new shoes always require time to break-in. Chelsea boots are no exception to this.

Boot trees are the equivalent of constantly wearing the shoes without the hazards of actually being out in the world. This means that you will get the broken-in feeling faster so they will not only look great, but feel great too.

 Not Just Any Shoe Tree

Our Chelsea boot tees are for those who have invested in their feet and care about their look. Most places sell the same shoe trees that have been used for years. These products are often mediocre, difficult to put into your shoes and not actually designed uniquely for whatever style of shoes you have. Trimly is one of few companies that can offer your ankle boots the quality protection they need so you can always look your best.

The Trimly Boot Tree is currently available through the Trimly web store for $59.00 and is available in men and women sizes 35 to 48.  

James Seaford
James Seaford

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Sze En Koh
Sze En Koh

July 06, 2019

i have a pair of rm williams comfort craftsman in fit rmw 7H (i wear thicker socks for the rmw 7H and rmw 6.5H)

which chelsea boot tree would fit right for these? i’m a bit confused right now. any clarification would be great thanks

kind regards
-Sze en koh

Sneaker Shoe Trees
Sneaker Shoe Trees

February 21, 2018

use full post thanks sharing

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