February 28, 2018 2 min read

Ever worn new shoes to work?

You swagger into the office feeling pretty good about yourself. Why not, they are nice shoes. All feels well until about morning tea, when the shoes start to pinch. Not a big issue.. if you can kick them under the desk and not move until 5pm. Chances of that happening. Slim. Chances of your new shoes turning into walking torture chambers. Fairly certain. 

How am I so sure? Lunchtime is when I run all my successful shoe stretcher ads. But jest aside, let me try and help you before your new shoes become an issue. In this blog post I give you three reasons why you should invest in a shoe stretcher.

1. Your feet are odd shapes

Nothing personal. It's the nature of having 26 bones, 30 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments in each foot. I am a size smaller than my identical twin brother. My identical twin sons also have different shaped feet. It only becomes personal when we try to squeeze our stompers into a one-shape-fits-all shoe. Our feet also change shape as we age. Infact, many people have been wearing the wrong-sized shoes for years. 

A shoe stretcher is the best tool to use to make each shoe fit correctly. 

2. You want to break-in your new shoes ASAP

Best to try on a new pair of shoes in the afternoon, when your feet are generally swollen.  Although, it is not uncommon for a pair of quality leather shoes to take up to four weeks to properly break-in, regardless of how well they fit. Shoe stretchers can be used to dramatically reduce the break-in period.

3. You have blisters, callouses or sore toenails

These ailments are sure signs your shoe is not fitting properly. Ignoring these injuries will mean your skin hardens and can even affect your joints. This may lead to unpleasantries such as bunions, corns or ingrown toenails. Using the bunion plugs provided with shoe stretchers can alleviate pressure points around the shoe, which in turn promotes good foot health. 

Yes, Shoe Stretchers, you really should

Wouldn't it be great if shoes could be made perfectly for our feet? Sadly, in a world where scale rules and bespoke costs, we often buy shoes that are not designed for our foot's shape. Apart from being painful and distracting, ill-fitting shoes can lead to other health complications.


A men or women's shoe stretcher - relatively inexpensive and a durable product - will quickly and easily get those shoes fitting like they should.


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