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  • July 10, 2023 3 min read

    It’s 4pm and it’s the day before Father's Day. You’ve just finished work and you’re up to your 3rd lap of Chadstone, struggling to find that perfect gift that will leave a lasting impression.  He doesn't need another wallet. The bathroom cupboard is full of his "favourite" cologne. You're out of options..

    Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. As Dads, sons, men, we might be able to help. We're also shoe guys, so our advice comes with a shoe focus, but the principles can be universally applied. In this post, we’ll discuss how these principles can help you find the perfect gift. 

    The Two Characteristics Of A Good Gift

    It is often remarked that men prefer practical gifts. This is true to an extent, but a leading expert on gift-giving, behavioral economist Dan Ariely, purports that a good gift has two universal characteristics.


    1. The first one is to give a gift that has a high “pain of paying,” that is, a feeling you get when it comes to something you really want, but guilt stops you from buying it (but please, never spend beyond your means).
    2. The second principle is a gift that reminds them of your love for them, which is positively correlated to gifts that give you a high pain of paying.

    Best Foot Forward With An Affordable, High-Value Gift Idea

    Like a good pen, a quality pair of shoes will last him for years. Not just any old leather shoes, mind you. Goodyear welted leather shoes. This method requires a skilled shoemaker, quality materials, and a lot of hours to complete. 

    Oxford Shoes

    If you've ever owned a nice handbag, you'll realise the importance of leather choice. Top choice full-grain leather is standard because it develops a fine patina as it ages. Durability-wise, they will last for years and their 'cost-per-wear' is second-to-none. They remain relatively scarce in Australia and as a gift, they tick all the boxes! 

    Buying Gifts Online In Challenging Times

    Whether you buy in-store or online,  understanding the store's return/exchange policy is critical. Only buy from a business that will allow him to exchange sizes if needed. A number of Australian shoe brands and e-commerce websites now offer free returns for sizing issues. Knowing 'his' shoe size will definitely help. In Australia, men use U.K. sizes, which are a size bigger than U.S. sizes; and just to confuse you, most runners are in U.S. sizing.

    Gift Ideas For Dad

    Option 1 - The Cap-toe Oxford

    Let’s start with the staple of men's footwear, the Cap-toe Oxford, perhaps the most classic shoe on the list. The Cap-toe can be worn with slacks and chinos, or, when polished to a high-shine, with a fine dinner suit. With it’s a simple yet elegant design, this shoe has earned its place as a must-have in any man’s wardrobe.

    Oxford Shoe Infographic

    Option 2 - The Penny Loafer

    Secondly, the Penny Loafer. This formidable shoe can be worn from summer to winter and all the months in between. Perhaps not as formal as the Cap-toe Oxford, the Penny Loafer makes up for it with its versatility - being one of the most comfortable shoes he will slip on. With summer approaching, the Penny Loafer is perfect for those who love the beach, sun, and a cold beverage in hand.

    Penny Loafer Infographic


    Option 3 - The Semi-brogue Oxford

    It has been said that a man who wears brogues has soul. The last of our classic styles is the exquisite Semi-brogue Oxford, distinguished by its perforated decorations (or broguing).  The Semi-Brogue Oxford is conventional and striking enough to be worn comfortably with a daytime suit and everything from jeans and T-shirt to chinos and chambray shirts. 

    Brogue Infographic

    Buying gifts for the opposite sex is always a tricky business. Choosing a good gift for the men in your life may seem daunting, even frustrating, when you’ve gone above and beyond but still not hit the mark. By following the principles discussed in this post, we hope you can overcome the struggle and find the perfect gift. 

    By presenting three classically styled shoes, constructed using the Goodyear welt construction method, we hope it has provided you with some ideas and a good example of the type of gift that will leave a lasting impression and be with your dad or partner for years to come.  

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