Premium Horsehair Shoe Brush

A beautiful brush that will clean and polish your shoes to a beautiful shine. Made in Germany for Trimly, our premium horsehair shoe brush features an ergonomically curved beechwood handle and densely packed tail hair bristles for minimum bristle loss and a higher quality brush. 

  • 100% Horsehair Bristles
  • Bristle length 2.5cm
  • Handle Dimensions 170mm x 53mm
  • Curved handle with lateral finger troughs for easy use
  • Varnished handle
  • Made in Germany


Using our Premium Horsehair Brush

The primary purpose of our Premium Horsehair Brush is to disperse the shoe cream after being applied and buff out a nice shine. Although it can also be used to brush away dust and airborne residue from shoes, soft surfaces, even clothes (although boar hair is more suitable for apparel). 

Try to minimise its use across different colours, especially darker ones such as black. Using a brush that has been previously used with another colour may cause the previous colour to streak onto the shoe. 

Apply Boot Black Shoe Cream before dispersing the polish with our Premium Horse Hair Brush. Wait a couple of minutes and repeat. Follow this by applying Boot Black's Wax Polish and buff with our 100% Cotton Polishing Cloth

*Product is sold individually. 

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