Premium Suede Crepe Brush

Restore the nap of your suede and Nubuck shoes with our Suede Crepe Brush. This unique brush is designed specifically to remove stubborn dirt and stains from these delicate types of shoes, while its natural crepe bristles gently clean away any exterior foreign matter that clings too tightly to the suede's soft texture

  • 1. Brush the shoe with medium pressure. Dirt and other particles will stick to the crepe’s surface.

    2.For light stains brush with the nap. For heavier cleaning brush against the nap.

    3. The crepe is more flexible when used and stored at room temperature.

    4. Crepe will harden with age or if stored in cold areas. If hard, place the crepe on a warm surface, such as a warm radiator, until the crepe softens again