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  • Users Guide To Boot Black Silver Line Series

    The Book Black Silver line series originates from the Boot Black collection, created by Japan's pre-eminent shoeshine artisan, Yuya Hasegawa. All of Boot Black’s products are hand-chosen by Hasegawa himself. 

    Boot Black Silver Line - Trimly

    A new standard in shoe care

    Boot Black, while relatively young, has quickly asserted itself as the foremost producer of quality shoe care products. Hasegawa and his team have partnered with Columbus and by doing so have brought together 90 years of Japanese shoe care tradition, products and techniques. The Boot Black series caters for beginners through to shoeshine experts, offering a collection of quality products created by Japan's top polish professionals. 

    Shoe care made easy

    You don't have to be a shoeshine artisan to achieve a great shine. That said, a finely crafted pair of shoes requires proper maintenance and care. The Boot Black Silver line is characterised by its ease of use, its rich nourishing properties and the beautiful shine it leaves on the leather. 

    Boot Black have moved shoe shine to a new level of class. 

    Getting Started

    Regardless of how much experience you have in polishing shoes, or how expensive your leather kicks are, the basic tools you will need are the same - and they don't have to cost you a fortune. 

    Inside your basic Shoeshine Kit

    • A black horse haired brush (preferably another lighter coloured one).
    • Two cotton clothes - an applicator and buffer. For beginners this might be part of an old t-shirt, or for the more advanced, two Chamois. Polishing mitt is optional.
    • Two-Faces Leather Lotion.
    • At least two shoe cream - black and neutral. 
    • At least two shoe polish - black and neutral. 
    • One spray can of Water Proof Spray. 
    • Pair of shoe trees.
    • A shoe horn.