Trimly Cedar Sneaker Trees

Not only for people that love sneakers but every type of shoe! Stop your trainers, dress shoes, pumps and even your favourite childhood tennis shoes from smelling musty or prematurely breaking down after prolonged wear with Trimly Sneaker Trees. Also available in bundles of 5 and 10.

    1. Split toe design that expands into the sneaker when inserted
    2. Aromatic American (heartwood) cedar
    3. Full Overhang Grip for easy insertion and removal
    4. Lifetime guarantee against mechanical failure.
    1. Preventing premature disintegration of the lining, upper and sole components by wicking away damaging moisture (sweat)
    2. Slow down the onset of creasing by allowing the shoe to reform to its natural shape and prevent toe lift
    3. Neutralise any odours with the cedar wood's natural oils
    4. Consistent use will result in shoes that look better and last longer.
    1. Majority heartwood from traceable American Red Cedar Wood.
    2. Sturdy anodized copper metal wear
    1. Free domestic shipping over $100
    2. $10 standard shipping

Natural Cedar Characteristics

Sometimes cedar oil will leech to the surface, where it will crystallise. It appears as a white resin, which is harmless and can be brushed away.

Likewise, if the leeched cedar oil makes contact with our packaging, it will appear as a light oil stain.

Knots are small marks that were once the base of a tree branch. In furniture, knots are often exploited for visual effect.

Fine cracks are sometimes visible and are characteristic of natural wood. They are not a defect and your Sneaker Trees come with a lifetime guarantee.

Small corrections are sometimes made to fill open knots or prevent cracks from becoming a problem.

Each piece of wood is unique, with its own wood grain and colour. The majority of our cedar is heartwood, containing high concentrations of cedar oil.

Cedar Shoe Trees