Premium Boot Stretcher

Don't tolerate uncomfortable boots, blisters or long break-in periods. Our Premium Boot Stretcher is designed to have those boots fitting like a glove in no time. 

    1. Single two-way stretcher for the left or right boot
    2. Stretches width of boot
    3. Alleviates sore spots or discomfort from corns and other foot ailments
    1. Polished European beechwood
    2. Stainless steel metal rod with study spreader mechanism
    3. 3 spot-stretching plugs to alleviate corns, bunions, and sore spots
    4. Single boot stretcher that can stretch left or right boot
  • Step 1: Turn the widening handle counter-clockwise to ensure the toe block is completely closed.

    Step 2: Insert bunion plugs in the designated holes if required.

    Step 3: Insert toe block of the stretcher as far as you can into the toe box of the boot.

    Step 4: Turn the widening handle clockwise to widen the toe block. Once taut, give the wheel three more (short) turns.

    Step 5: Leave the stretcher in the boot for 6-8 hours.

    Step 6: Turn the widening handle counter-clockwise to remove the stretcher from the boot. Repeat if necessary.

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