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    Pure Polish Aust. Chestnut Cream Polish

    Pure Polish's Australian Chestnut Cream Polish has been designed to care for your favourite pair of RMW boots in chestnut yearling. This non-toxic, fully bio-degradable shoe cream will protect, condition, and shine your boots to a beautiful luster. 

      1. 60ml tin
      2. Non-Toxic & Biodegradable
      3. Contains orange oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and carnaubu wax
      1. Nourishes and hydrates tired leather
      2. Leaves an attractive mild shine
      3. Rejuvinates the colour of the leather
    • Step 1: Remove dirt and dust with a horsehair brush.

      Step 2: Use either Pure Polish or Boot Black cleaner/conditioner to remove old polish reside and other matter.

      Step 3: With an application cloth, apply about a 10c size amount onto the cloth.

      Step 4: In circular motions, massage the shoe cream into the leather.

      Step 5: Once completed, brush away excess cream with a horsehair brush.

      For dry leather Apply 2-3 coats.