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  • Boot Black Cordovan Shoe Cream - Neutral

    Boot Black's (Black Label) Cordovan Shoe Cream is specially formulated to treat high-quality shell cordovan leathers. Unlike other shoe creams, Boot Black's Cordovan Shoe Cream contains a higher amount of pigments and nutrients, essential for the longevity and aesthetic of cordovan leather. It is also very useful to touch up light scuff marks.

    Neutral can be used for all cordovan colours.  

    55ml / Made in Japan


    About Black Label

    Boot Black's Black Label series offers some of the finest creams, lotions, cleaners and waxes on the market. Crafted in partnership with Japan's pre-eminent shoe shine artisans, the Black Label series will nourish, restore and shine the highest quality leather shoes. It will move your shoe care game to the next level. 


    How to use

    1. Remove dirt and dust with your horsehair brush. For any stubborn dirt, try a damp cloth or a small amount of Boot Black's Two Face Lotion Plus. Allow the leather to dry for a few minutes. 

    2. Apply a small amount of the Boot Black Cordovan Shoe Cream even over the shoe with your application cloth or brush. 

    3. Wait 3-5 minutes for the cream to absorb into the leather, then brush it off with your horsehair brush. Repeat until you've applied the desired amount of coats (remember less cream is needed for Cordovan than regular leathers). 

    4. Buff lightly with a cotton cloth for that final shine. 

    5. Re-insert the shoe trees into the shoes and insert them into a cotton shoe bag for protection.