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  • Sneaker Foam Shampoo Plus

    Introducing Sneaker Foam Shampoo Plus by Columbus (from the company behind Boot Black), specially formulated for sneakers crafted from leather, canvas, and cloth.

      1. 200ml Waterless shampoo that can be used on leather, canvas, and brushed leather sneakers
      2. pH-neutral – easy on deliater material but hard on dirt and grime
      3. Contains moistrizer “Olive Squalan” found in many cosmetics
      1. Multi-surface compatability: crafted for leather, canvas, and cloth sneakers, providing comprehensive care for various materials.
      2. Fast Working: Swift and efficient application and effective removal of oil, dirty and other stubborn matter.
      3. Olive Squalane Benefits: A powerful component that resists oxidation, preserving leather softness and enhancing protection.
      1. Apply the foam with a damp sponge or cloth
      2. Rub in with a sponge or brush to disperse the foam
      3. Use a highly absorbant cloth to remove the foam from the sneaker's surface.