Patent Leather Cream

Boot Black's Patent Leather Cream is essential for maintaining patent leather shoes and other goods.

Patent Leather is a type of coated leather, often treated with a polyurethane and acrylic solution, which has a high-shine finish. Without proper care, the coat will begin to crack over time. 

Use Boot Black's Patent Leather Cream to clean, shine and protect the coat against cracking. Available in neutral. 


About Black Label

Boot Black's Black Label series offers some of the finest creams, lotions, cleaners and waxes on the market. Crafted in concert with Japan's best shoe shine artisans, the Black Label series is for men and women who want to move their shoe care game to the next level. 


How to use

1. Use a lightly damp cloth to remove any dirt. For hard-to-remove grease or dirty, consider using Boot Black's Two Face Lotion Plus

2. Apply the patent leather cream with your application cloth

3. Allow 3-5 minutes to dry before lightly buffing with a clean application cloth.