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    Boot Black HG Polishing Glove

    Boot Black's High-Grade Polishing Glove will gently buff out a beautiful lustre hard to achieve by simply using a shoe brush or application cloth. 

    The HG Polishing Glove has two unique sides: the chamois leather side (beige) and the black corduroy side. 


    About Black Black Label series

    Boot Black's Black Label series offers some of the finest creams, lotions, cleaners and waxes on the market. Crafted in partnership with Japan's pre-eminent shoe shine artisans, the Black Label series will nourish, restore and shine the highest quality leather shoes. It will move your shoe care game to the next level. 


    How to use

    1. Use the chamois (beige) leather side to remove and disperse extra shoe cream left on the leather's surface. Apply a drop of water to buff out a nice shine. 

    2. Use the corduroy (black) side once the leather is dry. Buff to the desired lustre.