Man Of Many Article - Premium Sneaker Trees

February 18, 2021 1 min read

Earlier this month Man Of Many, an award-winning digital publication "dedicated to showcasing the very best in products, culture and style," featured our new Premium Sneaker Trees. Read an excerpt with the link to the article below.

Protect Your Kicks With Trimly Sneaker Trees

By Elliot Nash

For the love of sneakers, use these cedar sneaker trees from Melbourne shoe-care company Trimly, and protect your kicks from the terror of moisture damage.

You probably saw your old man use something like this for his business loafers. Or maybe you’ve got a few hanging around for your own pairs. Usually made of plastic or some kind of faux-wood, Trimly Sneaker Trees are made of premium cedar wood protect your sneakers from moisture damage, while also maintaining their form and structure. Not be confused with your standard shoe trees, these are made specifically for hypebeasts.... Read More via Man Of Many. 

James Seaford
James Seaford

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