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  • June 11, 2021 2 min read

    You can probably guess the first item of clothing people notice about you? Yep, your shoes. Unfortunately, we tend to neglect the one item of clothing we should be more attuned to.

    The good news is that shoes are the one clothing item that can be transformed with little effort.

    A quality cream polish will instantly lift the look of tired leather shoes. Not in a fancy way, your shoes will just look better, newer, healthier. In this blog post, I give you three reasons why you need shoe cream.

    1. Shoe cream will maintain or even enhance the comfort of your shoes

    The leather of your shoes can harden or crack for a number of reasons, but chief amongst them is a lack of shoe care product. Stiff leather can become abrasive. Cracks tend to let moisture in. Both of which lead to discomfort.

    A quality shoe cream will prevent all that. Done consistently over time (I apply shoe cream once every two weeks), the leather will become soft and supple and more malleable on your feet. 

     2. Shoe cream will enhance the look of your shoes and leave a lovely mild shine

    Leather shoes and boots can get pretty battered by our different climates, ranging from sub-tropical in the north, temperate in very small pockets to the south, to (majority) semi-arid everywhere else - or if you live in Melbourne, all of this in one day. A good Shoe cream keeps the leather's moisture level balanced and it will make the leather look healthy. Using a shoe cream that contains pigments and wax will also rejuvenate faded colour and leave an attractive glow. 

    High Shine Trimly


    3. Shoe cream will provide your leather shoes with a layer of protection 

    Shoes get banged, bumped, bruised as apart of everyday living. To be fair, shoe cream won't act like a ceramic coating; however, a good shoe cream has just enough wax to help protect the leather against light dumps, scuffs, or scratces; of if they do occur, can easily be buffed away. Shoe polish is usually associated with a heavier wax polish, but shoe cream is the product you should own and use regularly. 

    If you're new to shoe care, check out our Essentials Shoe Care page, which lists all the products you need to get started.