Trimly Full Toe Cedar Shoe Tree
Trimly Full Toe Cedar Shoe Tree Trimly Full Toe Cedar Shoe Tree Trimly Full Toe Cedar Shoe Tree

Shoe trees are an essential tool if you desire to extend the life of your shoes and keep them looking new for longer.

Trimly's Full Toe Shoe Tree features a solid toe with ventilation slots to expedite moisture dispensation, as well as an overhang heel for easy insertion and removal. Our Full Toe Shoe Trees will fit most shoe types and protect your shoe collection against moisture, which can cause the leather to crack and the lining to rot.


• A pair of premium Full Toe Shoe Trees
• One 100% cotton shoe bag (valued $8.95)
• Detailed Instruction


Our premium Full Toe Shoe Trees are available in five men's European sizes:

• Size 39 to 40 EU
• Size 41 to 42 EU
• Size 43 to 44 EU
• Size 45 to 46 EU
• Size 47 to 48 EU

See conversion chart below to find an approximate conversion into UK and US sizes. If you are unsure about your EU shoe size, we recommend you check with your shoemaker.

Shoe Tree Instructions

Trimly's Full Toe Shoe Trees are designed to maintain the shape of your shoes, absorb moisture and deodorise your shoes.

Grasping the overhang heel, Insert the shoe tree into the shoe gently, but with enough pressure to insert it as far as it can go.
Remove the shoe tree by grasping the overhand heel and gently pull the tree out of the shoe.

To maintain the shoe trees, lightly sand the cedar occasionally to release its aromatic scent. To maintain the trees' spring tension, rotate the shoe trees amongst different shoes and let it rest overnight about once a month.