Men's Full Back Cedar Shoe Trees

 Men's Full Back Cedar Shoe Trees

Congratulations for investing in your shoes. Shoe trees are necessary to extend the life of your leather kicks and maintain their comfort over time. Our Full Back Cedar Shoe Trees are a 'no fuss' option, designed to accommodate the shape of any shoe brand. 


  • Adjustable split-toe design that will fill the shoes to prevent wrinkles and accommodate most brands of shoes 
  • A full wooden overhang heel that fills the back portion of the shoe and makes inserting and removing the trees a breeze
  • All-natural, aromatic cedar that dries, deodorises and repels moths

Size Chart

The chart below is based on standard D width for men. 

 Shoe Tree Size European UK / Australia  United States
Small 39-40 5½-6½ 6-7
Medium 41-42 7-8 7½-8½
Large 43-44 8½-10 9-10½
Extra Large 45-46 10½-11½ 11-12
Double XL 47-48 12½-13 13-13½