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Chelsea Boot Trees Chelsea Boot Trees Chelsea Boot Trees Chelsea Boot Trees Chelsea Boot Trees Chelsea Boot Trees Chelsea Boot Trees Trimly Cedar Boot Trees - Trimly Chelsea Boot Trees

Protect your quality leather boots with these exceptional cedar boot trees by Trimly.  Our Chelsea Boot Trees will maintain the shape of your boot and prevent creasing. The aromatic red cedar will wick away damaging moisture and prevent shoe odour. Your boots will last longer, look great and be more comfortable to wear. 


  • Specifically designed to fill the heel and lower leg portion of your boots. 
  • The spring toe will gently stretch the vamp and prevent the onset of wrinkles.
  • The built-in spring in the heel will maintain the right amount of pressure to stretch the boot flat and prevent it from bowing, a result of general wear. 
  • Damaging moisture will be wicked away and odour eliminated by the (hand-sanded) aromatic American cedar wood and toe vents.
  • The high wooden heel and metal  ring will make inserting and removing the boot trees a quick and easy exercise.  
  • We stand by our boot trees and guarantee them for life against mechanical failure. 

Bonus: Each shoe tree pair comes with a 100% cotton shoe bag and cedar shoehorn valued at $10.95 to further protect your quality shoes. 


Chelsea Boot Tree Size Chart - Men

Chelsea Boot Tree Size Chart - Women

All Chelsea Boot Trees are crafted to double European shoe sizes. The chart above should be used as a guide. Your shoe label or shoe box will likely provide you with international shoe size information. Alternatively, check your shoemaker's website or contact them directly. 

Some general considerations when selecting your size:

  • If you are a half European size e.g. size 44.5, select the next whole size down. 
  • For narrow shoe fits, select the next full size down e.g. if you are a narrow fit shoe size 45, select  43-44.
  • For wide shoe sizes, select the full size up e.g. if you are a wide fit shoe size 44, select size 45-46.
  • As a general rule, in Australia we use UK/European sizes for dress shoes and American shoe sizes for sneakers. But always check what size you're using! 
  • If in doubt, get in contact with us, we'll gladly help you out. 

 ***All Taxes Included In Price*** 

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