Boot Black Wax Polish - Light Brown

Boot Black's (Black Label) Polish is oil-based characterised by high concentration of waxes. The wax polish has less colour pigment than Boot Black's (Black Label) Shoe Cream, but offers a superior shine and is the product to select for that elegant lustre or high-shine effect. 

It is highly recommended that you use the Black Line Wax Polish in conjunction with Boot Black's Black (Black Label) Shoe Cream.  

50g / Made in Japan


About Black Label

Boot Black's Black Label series offers some of the finest creams, lotions, cleaners and waxes on the market. Only the best waxes and finest ingredients are used to produce a wax polish that will leave your shoes with a stunning gloss. The Black Label series is for men and women who want to move their shoe care game to the next level. 


How to use

1. Ensure the leather is moisturised prior to applying the wax polish. 

2. For general shine, apply a small amount to your application cloth and massage it evenly over the leather upper. 

3. For high-gloss finish, alternate the application of wax and water. 

4. Use a clean cotton cloth of goatshair brush to buff out the shine.


  • The general areas to high-shine (glacage / mirror shine) include the toe box, lace area and heel counter. More wax to water (a small drop) ratio to start. Once you begin to achieve the desired shine, more water (small drop) to wax.
  • Over application of wax product may make the leather appear cloudy (don't worry, this is common). Simply leave it for several minutes and then gently buff it with your application cloth. Once clear again, continue as desired.