Boot Black

Boot Black Shoe Cream Tube - Black

Boot Black's tube-based shoe cream is the perfect travel companion or alternative to the traditional glass jar. An emulsified shoe cream that is characterised by a high pigment concentrate, thin spreadability, and six quality waxes. Produced in the finest tradition of Japanese craftsmanship and total quality control. 

55 g  tube / Made in Japan

    1. Fine, tightly packed, pigments that will quickly rejuvenate the leather's colour and restoring its finish
    2. Contains 6 different waxes, including beeswax, for a higher concentration of waxes you will find in most shoe creams
    3. Water-based as opposed to oil-based, which enhances the absorption rate and reduces polish residue
    1. Nourishes and hydrates tired leather
    2. Leaves an attractive mild shine
    3. Rejuvinates the colour of the leather
  • Step 1: Remove dirt and dust with a horsehair brush.

    Step 2: Use Boot Black Two Face Lotion Plus to remove old polish reside and other matter.

    Step 3: With an application cloth, apply about a 10c size amount onto the cloth.

    Step 4: In circular motions, massage the shoe cream into the leather.

    Step 5: Once completed, brush away excess cream with a horsehair brush.

    For dry leather Apply 2-3 coats.

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