Boot Black

Boot Black Leather Lotion (Cleanser)

This is a low-scented translucent leather cleanser that gently cleans leather without drying it out. Because it is clear, it is easy to see the dirt and old polish coming away from your leather shoes. The lotion is highly purified to the smallest possible particles to maximize the cleaning effect.

100 ml / Made in Japan

    1. Easily wipe away dirt and old polish
    2. Formulated to remove dirt without drying out the leather
    3. 100ml / Made in Japan
    1. Easily removes old polish residue
    2. Reduce colour fade and leather wear
    3. Only needs to be applied occasionally
  • Step 1: Remove dirt and dust with a horsehair brush.

    Step 2: Test a small amount on an inconspicuous part of the shoe.

    Step 3: With an application cloth, apply about a 10c size amount onto the cloth.

    Step 4: In circular motions, remove the dirt and residue from the leather.

    Step 5: Brush away excess cleanser with a horsehair brush.

    Not Suitable For: Brushed leather, such as suede and nubuck.

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